Thinking of ADOS/DOS/Senior Teacher roles?

Ready for an EFL managerial role? Why not test the waters at a summer school.

Simple English ~ Nicola Prentis

If you’re a teacher with a DELTA or equivalent, Summer School in the UK is an opportunity to try out a Senior or Managerial role. Positions in year round schools for those jobs come up as often as students produce Future Perfect Continuous sentences so experience in a similar role might be what sets you apart and gets you a shot at it one day. The summer version might be shorter, but it’s like a double espresso shot compared with caffe latte – way more intense.

There’s a shortage of qualified people in summer. Often the most suited have a decent enough job that they want their summers off – or choose to work in universities in EAP. But to climb the ladder it might be worth one summer seeing what you’re capable of.


But, please, only if you can satisfy the following:

You’re computer literate

Computer literate managers are…

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