What do you know about widows and orphans?

If you are in the publishing industry, there is probably a lot you can tell me about widows and orphans!  If you are not, then you are forgiven for being mistaken about the widows and orphans to which I am referring!

I am now a good way through the proofreading course which I started a few months back.  I am still thoroughly enjoying it, but, instead of getting easier the more knowledge I gain, it’s getting harder!  There is more and more to remember; new symbols, new terms, some of whose descriptions appear to me to be in another language at times.  I get frustrated with myself, frequently, when checking the answers to exercises, and realizing that I haven’t spotted, what would appear to be, an obvious error!  But then I remind myself that the exercises are part of the training, and that I should learn from them…and not repeat my errors.  If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth doing, would it?

Neck pain is proving to be a side effect, too.  I am sitting properly, at a desk, on an office chair, and I’m aware that I should be conscious of my posture.  However, constantly looking down at the course texts results in neck pain.  Is it my age or is it just that it’s a different posture for me?  Hopefully, it’s the latter and my neck muscles will adjust.  Otherwise, it will be hell when I launch my freelance proofreading business and I’m inundated with work.  Which, of course, I will be!

Hmmm…after a while, my eyes go a bit squinty, too!


As I said, I am really enjoying the course and I’m much more knowledgeable on the subject now than I was six months ago.  I know I still have a lot to learn, and that I will continue to learn on the job, but that’s the way it should be.  We should never stop learning.

What have you learnt today?  There must be something!  Leave a comment and let me know.



©Natalie Murray, 2014. Copying strictly prohibited. Extracts and links may be used only with full and clear credit given to Natalie Murray/English in Andalucia with appropriate links to the source material.


3 thoughts on “What do you know about widows and orphans?

  1. Hi Natalie I can’t offer you any advice regarding computers ect…however as an Occupational Health Nurse I can help you with your neck discomfort.I have attached a web address that offers good advice for exercising techniques when you are working, hope it helps. Keep up the good work! Xhttp://m.wikihow.com/Exercise-While-Sitting-at-Your-Computer


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