Splish Splash! A Swimming Pool, At Last! (Part 1)

When I was doing overtime in Abu Dhabi, I would regularly remind myself that it would all be worth it in the end.  All those extra hours in the classroom, which were, of course, always a delight, would allow us to treat ourselves later on.  That time has now come!

Last week, the builders arrived to start work on our pool!  It isn’t going to be the biggest pool in the world.  You wouldn’t be able to train for the next Olympics in it.  But…it’s all ours!

We were very excited the day the digger arrived…


Towards the end of the day the digger managed to get a puncture!  We thought all was lost.  But, our valiant Spanish builders soldiered on with the help of a pneumatic drill!


digger tyre c                                                         digger tyre 2 c


We didn’t want to get our hopes up that work would continue the next day.  Mañana is a long time coming in Andalucia.  But, back they came; the puncture was fixed, the hole completed, and the steel mesh laid.


mesh c


On Friday, a large lorry arrived with a delivery of concrete, which was poured into the hole.  It was then levelled out and left to dry over the weekend.  We were tasked with wetting it down occasionally with the hosepipe, apparently to reduce the possibility of cracks.  I’m told, by the man of the house, that there will always be some cracks.


concrete c


And, as the sun went down on the day…


sunset c


We wondered whether our workers would return on Monday morning…

The dogs did too!


Jack n Jilly c





©Natalie Murray, 2014. Copying strictly prohibited. Extracts and links may be used only with full and clear credit given to Natalie Murray/English in Andalucia with appropriate links to the source material.


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