Splish Splash! A Swimming Pool, At Last! (Part 2)

Well, I have to say that I am very impressed with the builders this time around…so far anyway!   Last week they got on with the pool at a rip-roaring pace.  They arrived early in the morning — our alarm call has been the cement mixer — and, after siesta,  worked well into the evening.  No complaints from us!



And then…they put in steps!  We were very excited about this!


We have steps!

We have steps!

Have you ever seen such magnificent steps?!

Have you ever seen such magnificent steps?!


And the grand finale to the week…Edge Tiles!


Edge Tiles!

Edge Tiles!


Fabulous job, don’t you think?

As I type, the menfolk are busy laying the ocean blue tiles inside the pool.  They have promised that it will be finished by the end of this week.  We will see.  The plumbing hasn’t been finished yet…

But like I said, we can’t complain.  They’ve done a great job, so far.  And, the weather hasn’t been great this week.  It needs to be a little warmer up here in the mountains before I will take a dip!




©Natalie Murray, 2014. Copying strictly prohibited. Extracts and links may be used only with full and clear credit given to Natalie Murray/English in Andalucia with appropriate links to the source material.

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