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Puppy Love – Her Name Is Rio!

We have a new addition to the family!  Which is why I haven’t posted for a while.  I’ve been too busy cleaning up wee and poop!  But we love her!  She is adorable!

Meet Rio!




We adopted Rio from a local dog rescue charity, Puppy Rescue Spain.  She had been dumped, along with her siblings, in the garden of a volunteer.  She’s around 4 months old, and we’ve been told that she might have miniature pinscher in her.  She’s a lively little thing, and chews everything she comes across!!

Our other two babies, Jack and Jilly, were not best pleased when Rio arrived.  Jack greeted her with excitement on the first day, but then proceeded to ignore or merely tolerate her.  Jilly just pretended it wasn’t happening, right from the start!  However, they are both slowly coming around as they realize that Rio’s presence doesn’t undermine our love for them.


First Meeting

First Meeting



Rio likes to keep me company in the office…



She enjoys sunbathing…


Rio Sunbathing


and sleeping!


Rio bed



Sleeping with big brother and sister is even better!


Rio and Jack

Rio and Jack

Rio and Jilly

Rio and Jilly






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