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In the heat of summer here in Almeria, which has a hot arid climate and averages between 30° and 40° during these summer months, it can be difficult to find the motivation needed to work for oneself. It’s especially hard when our three dogs, after their morning walk, spend the whole day lying around the house avoiding the incessant heat and blinding light outdoors. Why can’t I do what they do?


Sleeping baby... shhhhhh

Sleeping baby… shhhhhh



Leader of the pack...sleeps with one eye open!

Leader of the pack…sleeps with one eye open!



Jilly dreams of stones... Why? Because she spends her waking hours collecting them!

Jilly dreams of stones… Why? Because she spends her waking hours collecting them!



Why can’t I just spend the day by the pool?


Because the landscaping isn’t finished; that’s why not!  And someone has to pay for it!


Seriously, though, I LOVE my new occupation!  I have all the dedication and motivation that I need.  Being able to work how I want, when I want,  is invigorating.  If you’ve ever thought about working for yourself, think no longer. Do it!  Now!

Currently, I am working as an ELT (English Language Teaching) Resource Developer.  It’s something that I’ve done as part of my teaching for the last 14 years, but now I have the time to really get my teeth into it.  I’ve always enjoyed the creative aspect of teaching; thinking of innovative ways of developing and using resources in the classroom, of creating a more exciting and enjoyable learning environment for the students, of designing assessments tailored to a particular set of students.  So now I get to build on that without worrying about getting to the classroom on time!

Of course, it’s still early days for me, and too soon to tell whether this lifestyle is sustainable. You can be sure, though, that I will give it my all.

Back in March, I told you about a proofreading course which I was completing.  After struggling a little with widows and orphans, I am finally on the last unit of the course.  Up to now, I have enjoyed it immensely and, although I have the final and toughest assignment to get through, I believe (hope?) that I will successfully complete the course and go on to enjoy a new dimension to my business.

So, dedication?  At the moment, I have it by the truck load: even in the heat of August!  Who knows,  maybe next August I’ll have a big enough client list that I can take the month off!  Here’s hoping!

Enjoy your summer!






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