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Introduction to Galgos del Sol, Murcia, Spain

Please spare a thought for the galgos of Spain.

Galgos del Sol (Murcia)


There is an ABSOLUTE NEED to highlight the plight of galgos (Spanish hunting greyhounds) in Spain.


This blog is to help the refuge, Galgos Del Sol in Murcia, Costa Blanca.

Website is

Facebook page is

Galgos del Sol is dedicated to every galgo espanol; those who made it and sadly those who didn’t.

They are a registered rescue based in Murcia, Spain that rescues abandoned and injured galgos (Spanish hunting greyhounds), rehabilitates them and finds them forever homes in the UK and other parts of Europe.

Thousands of galgos are abandoned or killed annually at the end of each short hunting season and as they are not always viewed as potential pets in Spain, they usually end up in perreras (pounds), where their lives are ended, often not in ways we would consider humane.

Galgos del Sol…

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It’s Spring!

I love this time of year here!

The temperature is distinctly higher. The landscape is verdant, and sprinkled with the colours of wild flowers. And, there are myriad butterflies. Not to mention, the birds in song and the bleat of newborn lambs. Just gorgeous!

We’ve all been enjoying the countryside at its best: with lots of walking and even a little caving!

And for our own little corner, we are adding some fruit trees, and, of course, a palm!


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