Adapting Games – Pictionary for lexical chunks

A great twist on Pictionary. My favourite classroom game! - by Mike Astbury

Pictionary is a great game for some quick revision of vocabulary, and I’m sure most teachers use it in the classroom. However this adaptation seeks to go further, and allows for freer practice of lexical chunks in an extended form of the game. It aims to create memorable sentences and images to help students remember and accurately use new phrases. It can be used with groups of any level or age.

This game is played in pairs and for each pair you’ll need a sheet of A4 paper and 8 slips of paper (big enough for a sentence). I usually find some scrap paper in the staffroom and make more than enough with a few swipes of the guillotine.

Today, I don't have a care in the world Today, I haven’t got a care in the world

In my example we’re revising phrases using ‘care’ with an advanced class but this game can be played with any 8 lexical…

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