Is it hot where you are?

El Campo

Spain, like other parts of Europe, is experiencing a heat wave at the moment!  And it’s damned hot! It’s times like this when I’m glad we live higher up. Being at a higher elevation in the mountains means that the heat is fresher, not so muggy. At least, I think so!

Campo Heat

We really should be enjoying our pool right now. But, as always, the workmen due to finish the surfacing surrounding the pool have been delayed! And the pool remains covered, only providing respite for the many wasps as they stop for a drink (there’s a puddle of water on top of the cover!). We’re hoping that the pool will be open for business this time next week but don’t hold your breath! This is Andalucía!

Even the snakes are seeking shelter from the heat. This one decided he/she liked the cool of our snug!


The dogs now require early morning walks and then spend much of the day sleeping.  Nothing, though, will stop Rio from hunting as beasties abound!

If it’s hot where you are, I hope you’re enjoying it! And don’t forget the sun cream!


©Natalie Murray, 2015. Copying strictly prohibited. Extracts and links may be used only with full and clear credit given to Natalie Murray/English in Andalucia with appropriate links to the source material.

2 thoughts on “Is it hot where you are?

    • Thanks for your comment, Maria! I’m glad you enjoyed the pics, apart from the snake. I didn’t much like him in the house, but I don’t mind them out on their own turf! Thanks for visiting and I hope you’re having a great day!


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