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Food fight, anyone?

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La Tomatina is an annual festival, often described as ‘the world’s biggest food fight’. The festival attracts people in their tens of thousands, who pay to take part in the event.

The festival is hosted in the Spanish town of Bunol near Valencia, and paints the whole town red with vibrant fruity pulp. This year the festival celebrated its 70th year, having been established in 1945, inspired by food fights that broke out during Bunol’s ‘festival season’ between local children in the Spanish region famous for it’s tomatoes. Over 150,000 tonnes of the fruit were thrown this year, in an epic battle that lasted for an hour across the town.

Following the end of the event the town is quickly hosed down and participants are ushered into public showers. The acidity of the tomatoes works to disinfect and clean the town, leaving the cobblestone streets pristine when the battle is…

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Want to try something a bit different in class?

ELT ebooks

Our PARSNIPS ebook is finally finished and out for downloading.

This ebook is the result of lots of hard work by a team of very dedicated and talented ELT professionals. The content, the ebook cover and the blog are all thanks to the passion of the people involved.

I’d like to say a big thanks to all of them and I hope people really enjoy reading the lessons.

May the PARSNIPS be with you 🙂

Get it from Smashwords by following THIS link.

Check out the fantastic blog by Mike JC Smith. Just click HERE.

A BIG thanks to Alice Bilsborough for the great cover.

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Using Streetview

Using Google Street View in the ELT classroom, from Phil Bird.

Phil Bird

A lot has been written about the implications for Google Street View in terms of privacy; I don’t think that there’s much to be added to that discussion, and the implications are probably still not clear. For what it’s worth, I think I found myself in this picture:

Having said that, even I can’t really tell if that face in the crowd is me – So I won’t be losing any sleep over it yet. If you know where to look, you can find my flat – but to be fair, I’d be more worried, if you just came down the road and found it for real, so I’m probably OK.

What I’m more interested in is how this tool can be used in language classes; as you will see from this page: , I’m really interested in using authentic materials in language teaching. What could be more authentic…

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Small business chat update – Karen White

A chat with Karen from White Ink Limited.

LibroEditing proofreading, editing, transcription, localisation

Small business chat interview two mugsWelcome to another Small Business Update – and today it’s rather an exciting one with Karen White, ELT editorial project manager from White Ink Limited. Karen’s a relatively new member of the interview club, first featured in March last year, but she’s actually been going since 2008, so a year longer than me, and last year was in a similar place to me in terms of being at capacity, but experiencing a bit of a revolution in the way in which she was working, so this is where she expected to be by now: “I’m pretty much at maximum capacity now, so pretty much in the same place in business terms. The world of ELT publishing is in an exciting phase of going digital, so I expect to do more work in that area in the next year”. Well, although she was running what I’d call a mature

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